The Bolsheviks

The Bolsheviks seize power

In the midst of war, Lenin had returned to Russia to preach his demands to the Russian people. He demanded that they should stop cooperating with the Provisional Government, that the war should stop, that the government should give the land to the peasants and that the Soviets should take power. People thought he was insane and some didn’t take him seriously. The surprise visit by Lenin also caught the Bolsheviks by surprise. But when he arrived the Bolsheviks begun protesting and demanding what Lenin has asked for.

Later in July of 1917, the war was a big issue in Russia which caused many famines and desperation. The Bolsheviks were an anti-war group that tried its best to stop the war that was going on. So on this month, an increasing amount of people had started to oppose war as the supplies were running low. Kerensky made a big mistake when he made a big attack on the enemy which made matters worse. This had started a lot of demonstrations and riots in the city. But the Bolsheviks were not prepared to take over the government. So these days turned into riots and protest.

The support for the Bolsheviks was really high and they were ready to take over the government. With the support of the Soviets and Trotsky which was the new recruit for the Bolsheviks. Soldiers were leaving and deserting the armies. Food were at an all-time low and people were desperate for a saviour. The peasants had become more violent and started raiding and pillaging more land which the Provisional Government tried to fix and took under control. This was the perfect time to strike so Lenin sent word to his men to start the attack and take over the government. But Leon Trotsky stopped them and persuaded him to wait for a little while.

Then the Bolsheviks seized power in the 7th of November. Everyone knew about the oncoming attack on the government it was written in newspapers all over Russia and it was known by a lot of people. Kerensky was too busy with his own needs and when he heard the attack he struggled to gather his men. The Red Guard of the Bolsheviks had moved out and fought through the guards and straight to the Winter Palace where they took the government for their own and leaving the Provisional Government on their knees.

The Bolsheviks stay in power

When the Bolsheviks took power in Russia and installed a new government. They made great changes to how things were done in Russia and it had a great effect on the society of Russia. They created a new government called the Sovnakom or the ‘Council of People’s Commissars, which was led by Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin.

The first few months they made changed in the workers living conditions and changed their work hours to be shorter. They helped the people who weren’t able to work or people who were unemployed have an insurance plan that lets them earn money from the government. Social classes were abolished and everyone had the title comrade. Anti-Bolshevik newspaper were banned. They banned the liberal party. All workers have a worker’s committee. Armies had become more democratic and banks and churches were owned by the government. The land were given to the peasants and set a peasant committee so that they can discuss which pieces of land that the peasants should have. They also had put a priority in giving food to those who desperately needed it.

But this power didn’t last long with votes not going towards the Bolsheviks, but to another party. This made Lenin feel threatened that he wouldn’t rule Russia anymore. The Socialist Revolutionaries were about to win the elections and this would mean that there will be a completely new government that will be installed in the country. So Lenin shut down the elections for good.