Civil War

The summer of 1918 was the time were the Communists or the Bolsheviks had been attacked by the group that was in Russia at the time. The enemies that they faced believed that the Bolsheviks shouldn’t remain in power. This was fought between the Reds which were the Communists and the White which were the nobles and tsarist.

Geographical Factors

The Reds held the central part of European Russia, which contained the industrial zones and were able to produce many war gear and munitions. They had control of the railways through Petrograd and Moscow to the rest of the country. They could sent many battle gear and equipment to the soldier as quickly as possible. The whites had scattered around the central region of European Russia and they are separated with different armies. Communicating with each other was difficult so overcoming the Bolsheviks was a difficult task for them.


The aim of the Reds was to create a Socialist society and free from this capitalistic oppression. The aim of the whites were different from one another. Some people wanted a military dictator, some wanted the tsar and others wanted a revolutionary change in the society. But they do share a common goal of overthrowing Lenin and stopping the Bolsheviks from having power.